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Choosing a Moisturizer for the Face

Choosing a Moisturizer for the Face - Don't let you choose the wrong moisturizing cream, there are some tips for choosing a moisturizer. On this occasion we will provide several articles related to a discussion of Tips for Choosing a Moisturizer. In the following, we will provide several reviews and discussions regarding Tips for Choosing a Moisturizer

Pay attention to the content

Before buying a moisturizer, make sure the moisturizer you buy contains ingredients that are safe for the skin. Green tea, chamomile, pomegranate, licorice root extract are examples of ingredients that are safe for all skin types and rarely cause allergies. Avoid choosing moisturizers that contain active ingredients, such as lanolin, glycerin, or petrolatum. The reason is, these ingredients are prone to causing allergic reactions. Choose ingredients that contain antioxidants to help the skin neutralize free radicals. The aforementioned safe ingredients mostly contain antioxidants. You need to avoid alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, retinoic acid, and salicylic acid if you have dry or sensitive skin. These ingredients can penetrate the skin too deeply and irritate delicate skin.

Adjust to Skin Conditions

You also need to adjust the moisturizer to the skin condition you have. For those of you who have oily skin and prone to acne, you can choose a moisturizer that contains alpha-hydroxy acid, acne prone skin is also advised to choose a non-comedogenic moisturizer so as not to clog pores. While dry skin owners, choose a moisturizer that is heavier and of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and dimethicone that help keep skin hydrated. Glycerin, propylene glycol, protein, and urea also help absorb water into the skin. Lanolin, mineral oil, and petrolatum can also be chosen to lock in skin moisture.

If you have sensitive skin, you should use a moisturizer that is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Choose a moisturizer that contains less than 10 ingredients. Fewer ingredients, of course, will also reduce the potential for allergies to sensitive skin. If you have itchy skin, you can choose a hypoallergenic moisturizer. However, if hypoallergenic does not relieve itching, try a 1% hydrocortisone steroid skin cream for one week. Check with your doctor for more appropriate treatment.

Avoid Dyes and Perfumes

Reporting from the WebMD page, avoid colored moisturizers and cause fragrances. The chemical mixture of dyes and fragrances risks irritating the skin. It is not recommended for someone with dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and other skin problems. Antibacterial agents can also be very harsh and can strip the skin of essential oils.

All Night Sleeping Pack

All Night Sleeping Pack - On this occasion, we will provide several articles relating to the discussion of the All Night Sleeping Pack. In the following, we will provide some reviews and discussions regarding the All Night Sleeping Pack

Using a sleeping pack every day, what is the impact?

With so many cosmetic choices today, sales of night creams have also increased. The reason is, to maintain beauty, not a few people use these masks every night. Sleeping packs that are used every night can make the face more moisturised and can treat facial skin pores. Indeed, maintaining skin moisture is one thing that must be done when doing facial care. This is because some types of facial medicines and treatments can only be absorbed if the skin has the right moisture. However, did you know that so far many women make mistakes when using sleeping packs?

Experiencing Facial Skin Problems

One of the things that must be considered when using a sleeping pack is to ensure that facial skin is healthy. If the skin is experiencing problems such as wounds, eczema, and other skin problems, it's best to wait until these things go away or heal. It is not impossible that a bad impact can occur because you force to use the cream when the face is not "fit".

Problems Occur after Use

The use of sleeping packs can also cause problems after application to the face. It is not impossible for the face to experience spots, redness, swelling, itching, and other allergy symptoms. If this happens, it is better to stop using the night cream. You can also discuss it with a doctor from Halodoc to find out how to handle it properly.

Bad Impact when Exposed to the Sun

Your face may also suffer bad effects due to the use of the sleeping pack when exposed to sunlight. The reason is, the content of the cream reacts when exposed to light during the day. As a result, your face will experience allergies after using the sleeping pack. It is better to stop using it and replace it with another product.

Don't Use Every Day

Another thing that must be considered about using a sleeping pack is not to use it every night when going to sleep. Because you will not get maximum results if you do this. It's good to use it only 2-3 times a week.

Foods that are Good for the Skin

Apart from facial treatments using sleeping packs, you can also get healthy and glowing skin by maintaining your diet. Nourishing the skin is not enough only from the outside, you also need to make sure the food you eat has benefits for the skin. What are the foods that are good for the skin?


Fruits contain lots of vitamins and minerals that can maintain a healthy body, including the skin. Basically, all types of fruit are good for consumption. However, there are some that are more recommended for maintaining healthy skin, namely oranges, lemons, and avocados.

For example, avocado has healthy fats to keep skin soft and moisturized. In addition, the content of avocado can also protect the skin from sunburn.


Vitamins and minerals are essential ingredients for maintaining healthy skin. The body will get lots of vitamins and minerals from green vegetables, especially from spinach and lettuce.

To get healthy skin, also try to regularly eat broccoli. This type of vegetable contains a lot of sulforaphane which can help to prevent the skin from free radicals. In addition, the risk of skin cancer and problems from sunburn can be reduced.

Those are some things that must be considered about using sleeping packs to stay safe. Indeed, bright and glowing skin may be craved, but maintaining a healthy face must also be done. By choosing and using the right cosmetics, you will get glowing, bright, and healthy skin.

Simple Ways to Treat Dry Feet

Simple Ways to Treat Dry Feet - Next, we will provide a reliable article that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that it can be read by all people, here is a simple way to treat dry feet.

Having smooth skin is certainly everyone's dream. For this reason, it is very important for us to maintain healthy skin, including the skin of the feet. Unfortunately, the health of the skin of the feet often goes unnoticed. Not a few people complain of dry and cracked skin on the feet, especially on the heels.

In addition to disturbing your appearance, if you allow the cracked skin on your feet to get worse, it can interfere with your activities. If the skin on the feet gets drier and cracks or the cracks in the skin get deeper, it can cause pain when walking, injuries can even cause infection.

1. Maintain clean feet

You can start from the easiest one, namely regularly cleaning your feet using soap. But don't scrub too hard, as this can reduce the skin's natural oils. After that, don't forget to dry it until it's completely dry. If you wear socks, wear clean, dry socks. Don't forget to change your socks every day.

2. Avoid taking hot showers for too long

Bathing with hot water is indeed soothing, but for those of you with dry skin, you should avoid taking hot showers and don't take too long showers. Hot water can irritate the oil glands in the skin so that the skin loses moisture.

3. Be diligent in using a moisturizer

After cleaning your feet, don't forget to apply a moisturizer based on petroleum jelly or you can also use lotions or creams that contain urea, isomeric saccharides, salicylic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acid. This moisturizer can help keep your skin moisturised and soft.

4. Massaging the feet

Massaging your feet can help improve blood circulation and relax your leg muscles. So that in addition to relaxing, it can also keep your skin moisturised. You can massage using olive oil or by using coconut oil.

5. Rub feet with a pumice stone

You can rub a pumice stone against the skin of your feet that is calloused and cracked. Pumice stones can remove dead skin cells and remove hardened skin. You can rub the wet pumice stone into the feet that have been given soap, you can rub it slowly.

Caring for Skin During Menstruation

Caring for Skin During Menstruation - The Importance of Caring for Skin During Menstruation - Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from reliable sources, the following are articles that discuss the importance of caring for skin while menstruating.

As one of the factors that support our appearance, we naturally take good care of our skin. Unfortunately, usually the skin will begin to change when a person enters adolescence. This is due to the production of certain hormones, one of which can trigger menstruation for women.

1. Use skincare that can prevent excess oil production before entering the menstrual period

Skin care during menstruation basically has to be tailored to the problems you are experiencing. For example, before entering the menstrual period, acne usually starts to appear as a sign that you are about to get your period.

2. After entering the menstrual period you can use skincare which functions to moisturize the skin

When it has entered the menstrual period, the skin will usually tend to the skin because of the large amount of fluid that comes out of the body. In this case, you can use skincare that has a moisturizing function to keep the skin supple and healthy.

3. For thorough skin care, use a gentle soap

Not only for facial skin care, but also the use of gentle soap to treat skin on all parts of the body. In addition, do not rub the skin with soap too harshly, especially on the intimate parts.

4. Try to get enough sleep for 7-9 hours each night

Lack of sleep while menstruating has an impact that is not playful. You can experience premature aging due to increased cortisol hormone which triggers stress on the skin. In addition, this can also increase the risk of hyperpigmentation and even tumors on the skin.

5. Increase water consumption

Finally, you must increase your consumption of mineral water to replace the discharge that occurs during menstruation. In addition, it is also useful for making skin healthier.

Various Ways to Brighten Lips Naturally

Various Ways to Brighten Lips Naturally - Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss various ways to lighten lips naturally.

Lips that are moist and pink are considered healthy lips. No wonder this pink lip color is an obsession for most women. In addition, having naturally pink lips makes you not have to bother applying lipstick over and over again. Actually, there are, really, natural ways to redden black lips that you can easily do at home. Anything, huh?

Various ways to redden lips naturally

Lips are a unique part of the skin because they are not equipped with oil glands that keep them moist. The lip area called vermilion has more blood vessels than any other area of ​​the skin.

This allows the blood vessels in the vermilion to be more visible. The appearance of these blood vessels makes your lips have a beautiful red color.

"Lips have a variety of colors, from pink to brown. Our lips have a stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of dead skin that acts as a protective barrier. The stratum corneum is very thin, even thinner and transparent so that the color of the blood vessels is visible, ”explained dr. Irma Lidia, Jovee's team of doctors.

There are many factors that can cause your lips to become darker. Starting from smoking, allergies to lipstick and toothpaste, frequent drinking of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

In addition, too frequent exposure to the sun, the habit of licking your lips, and not drinking enough are also factors that cause lip darkening.

“Skin color also plays a role in lip color. The brighter our skin tone, the lighter the lip color because the blood vessels will be more prominent. To keep our lips from becoming black, avoid smoking and protect the face and lips from the sun by limiting sun exposure and wearing a lip balm that contains sunscreen. " added dr. Irma.

If not cared for properly, lips can become rough, dry, and cracked. As a result, your lips will look duller and appear darker. So, the natural way to redden black lips can be done by avoiding these habits.

1. Lip scrub

Getting rid of flaky lip skin can be done to redden lips naturally. You can rub your lips using a mask, either a special lip mask that is sold in the market or homemade.

Not only that, you can also do a lip scrub when or after bathing with a toothbrush or soft towel that is moistened first. But remember, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and scrub gently.

Brushing your lips with a soft toothbrush can increase blood flow to your lips. After that, don't forget to wipe your lips and apply lip balm to keep it soft and healthy.

The lip scrub will help remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new collagen. This collagen formation is useful in slowing down the skin aging process, so that the lips look brighter.

Sugar, honey and lemon lip mask

As for the lip mask, you can make your own using honey and sugar, and lemon. Apart from being used as a sweetener for food and drinks, honey and sugar and lemon can also be used as a natural scrub to redden lips.

Honey can help moisturize, soften, and keep lips hydrated, plus help your lips look healthier and rosier.

How to make a mask to redden lips with sugar and honey, namely:

Mix 1 teaspoon of sugar with 1 teaspoon of honey
Then, apply this natural scrub to the surface of the lips evenly and massage gently
Next, rinse using warm water

While lemon is often used to disguise dark blemishes on the skin because of its acidic nature. The steps for making a mask as a way to redden lips with honey and lemon are:

Mix 2-3 teaspoons of honey with the juice of half a lemon
Stir until it forms a smooth paste
Apply the mask to the entire surface of the lips evenly and massage the lips gently
Rinse the lips with water until clean

You can repeat the way to redden black lips with this lemon, honey, and sugar scrub 2-3 times a week until you get the desired results.

2. Avoiding the habit of licking and biting the lips

Biting your lip can hurt, bleed, and slow down the healing process. Not biting and licking the lips is an effective way to redden the lips.

Women who want natural red lips should also avoid smoking. There have been many studies that say that smoking is bad for skin health, including lips.

Smokers' skin wrinkles faster than nonsmokers. By smoking, collagen can be lost more easily and skin cells become vulnerable to damage.

In addition, smoking can also cause dark lips because the production of melanin or skin dye on the lips is higher. Therefore, avoiding smoking can be a way to redden lips naturally.

3. Drink lots of water

Another easy and inexpensive way to redden your lips is to meet your body's fluid needs. To maintain adequate body fluids, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It takes 2 to 3 liters of water to keep the body, including the lips and skin, well hydrated.

4. Protect lips from sun exposure

Discoloration of the lips can also be caused by too much sun exposure. To avoid this, use lip balm. For maximum protection, use a lip balm that also contains an SPF of at least 15.

5. Keeps lips moist

Apart from being uncomfortable and sore, dry, scaly and cracked lips can also make your lips look duller. Well, you need to do the various methods above to prevent chapped lips.

Choosing a Moisturizer for the Face

Choosing a Moisturizer for the Face - Don't let you choose the wrong moisturizing cream, there are some tips for choosing a moisturizer....